a school + community for ethical brand owners in the food, fashion and beauty spaces

Ethical brands do business differently, whether it’s:

⦿ marketing,
⦿ finances,
⦿ business models,
⦿ packaging or manufacturing.

This means you are mostly alone in your journey and when you hire or outsource, they don’t fully get your voice, vision and your mission.

We hear you:

That’s why we created Rooted™️: a school + community for ethical brand owners in the food, fashion and beauty spaces.

We are giving you the step by step process and the connections you need to establish and scale a successful ethical business and brand!


Let us support you:

launching 11/11/21 with FREE access until the end of the year!

bi-monthly workshops & networking events for ethical brand owners

⦿ connect & network with a like-minded community
⦿ learn & get support from experts in their fields (marketing, sales, branding, messaging, manufacturing, raising $$$)

Some of Our Amazing Guest Experts:

Anette Oran, Business Coach

Crafting powerful message + copy to attract your ideal clients 

David J Ferran, Executive Mentor

Scaling your business ethically and consciously

Nadine Burton, Social Media Expert

Creating powerful social media content to convert

Jessica Thomas, Branding Expert

Attracting your ideal clients via a powerful branding strategy

About Us

ROOTED was created to provide support, community and education for ethical entrepreneurs, because we realized that ethical business owners have unique needs that are not being met!

The 3 of us have founded several companies, including BuyChoice, a platform for finding ethical products based on certifications. 

We have learned so much about running businesses based on more than making money.

Hey, making money and nourishing our own needs as business owners is super important, and we also want to leave an impact on this planet right?

We are ready to elevate the industry.

Our vision is of a world where ethical brands stand out, shine and lead the way, and ROOTED is how we get to create that together with YOU!

Our Values: 

🌱 Value-driven business – we believe that money has the power to change the world, and that by making value-driven choices, taking people, planet and animals into consideration, we have the power to make a huge difference.

🌱 Community – we are not just about doing business with individuals; we are about creating community and connection.

🌱 Conscious capitalism – we follow a stakeholder capitalist approach, meaning that we take all stakeholders into account with every major decision we make.

Do you ever feel like…

🌱 You’re alone as a conscious, ethical business owner – no one to share your struggles and wins with that actually understand your journey

🌱 You do WAY TOO MUCH: you wear all the hats in your business, and it feels like a lot!

🌱 When you outsource something like marketing, it’s hard to know who to trust and it feels like they don’t really understand your audience

Then ROOTED is the community+school for you!